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Videogame characters may be fictional but that doesn’t mean they don’t convey the real emotions we deal with as every day people – this is why videogame characters often have such a long lasting effect on us.

Father’s Day is almost over, and as a result we decided to celebrate our favorite videogame Dads: the ones who managed to stick with us through Zombie Apocalypses, Cowboy assaults, Alien invasions and all the rest of the “not nice things” that were thrown our way – all for the love of a child.

5. Chuck Greene (Dead Rising 2)

Dead_Rising_2Chuck Greene is the reluctant protagonist and hero of Dead Rising 2. The former two-time national motorcross champion is the father of Katey Ann Greene who was bitten and infected by her own mother during the outbreak in Las Vegas.

Chuck is a crafty mechanic, and is able to make and repair a number of useful (albeit dangerous) creations. Chuck Greene’s world, after Katey is bitten, is all but finding and collecting Zombrex to help his daughter. In the alternate reality of Off the Record, we see what a life withot Katey would do to him – driven insane by grief, he takes to carrying around a doll dressed to look like his little girl, still driven to protect her at any cost.

Chuck is a loving father who would do anything to protect his daughter – which means he gets a place on this list.

4. John Marston (Red Dead Redemption)

John-MarstonJohn Marston is a true family man that has made some pretty bad mistakes, however he always takes responsibility for his actions and faces the consequences.

Marston fought against criminals, law men and even zombies during his time on our screens all the while fueled by one single thing: keeping his wife and son safe. That’s some inspiring fathering right there.

Marston’s final fate sees him finally laying down his life to protect the ones he loves; we salute him for the most noble sacrifice a Father can make.

3. Eli Vance (Half Life)

Eli_vanceEli Vance, from Valve’s Half Life, isn’t the protagonist of the game and doesn’t kill any Combine or aliens with fancy lasers or a badass crowbar; but he does convey awesome fatherly morals through his talks with Alyx – his daughter.

Everything that occurs between Eli and Alyx is a grand example of the love they share for each over.  The simple relationship warms our hearts and makes us feel all happy inside – until his death at the end of Episode 2 tore it from our chest.

Eli’s sudden, sad demise remains one of the most shocking and unexpected moments in videogame history, but he’s sorely missed and, as a result, he makes it onto our list.

2. Harry Mason (Silent Hill)

HArry_MasonThings don’t really end well for this particular father at the end of it all, but anyone who has the balls to search for his adopted daughter (whose soul is shared with a crazy demon child) through a nightmarish town packed with monstrous beasts deserves a place on this list.

The pure devotion and courage Harry shows when wading through the fog of Silent Hill searching for his daughter Cheryl is admirable. Deranged nurses, demonic babies, and skinless dogs are just a few of the horrific creatures he comes up against, but nothing will stand between this devoted father and his little girl.

1. Big Daddy (Bioshock)

MeanBigDaddyYes yes, we know. Technically Bioshock’s large drill-wielding Big Daddyies aren’t actually the Little Sisters’ fathers, but they do more than adequately (drilling giant holes in people is perhaps a bit overboard) represent how protective Dads can be when their children are in danger.

The Big Daddies are more than willing to throw their lives away for the survival of their “children” and this extreme example of parental instinct is an inspiring – if rather disturbing – example of Fathering.

Also, the Little Sisters call these huge brutes Mr. Bubbles, which is pretty cute in a bizarre kind of way.

Oliver Zimmerman

Oliver Zimmerman

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