E3 2014: The Last Tinker: City of Colors PlayStation 4 annoucement

This week at E3, Sony announced that The Last Tinker: City of Colors – from Mimimi Productions – will be released through PSN digital download later this summer on the PlayStation 4. While no exact date has been locked in for the console version, it has gained quite a following since its May launch earlier this year. To see why, you need only look at our review.

In City of Colors players will take control of the acrobatic Koru who has grown up in the slums of Colortown, which is slowly succumbing to an unknown bleakness. Through the use of a modern blend of platforming players will traverse through the city divided by colors to help bring the imagination back to the citizens. The trailer shows Koru running, jumping, climbing and smashing his way through a variety of bright and colorful levels and areas. There will also be an added blend of combat that harkens back to the platformers of the 90s, games like Sonic, Mario, and Banjo-Kazooie.

Check out these screenshots that show the blended 2D hand drawn cardboard cut-outs with a fully realized 3D world populated by unique creatures and people. The city is said to be divided up by colors with each area having its own palette and themes, with the slums being a multicolored hodgepodge of characters and themes. The Unity Engine has always stood out for its ability to create brighter worlds than other engines that tend to focus more on models and gritty assets.

If you want to know more about the game, why not check out our recent Let’s Play video below?

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