E3 2014: Hotline Miami Level Editor announced

Yesterday, while serving BBQ to fans from an RV parked outside of the hooters across the street from E3, developer Dennaton Games was showing off Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. From there, fans were shown the newly announced level editor which gives players the power to create an unlimited amount of difficult levels to share online. While there’s no official release date yet for Wrong Number, it has been confirmed that the sequel to Hotline Miami will be on PC and PSN sometime later this year.

The editor tools will give players the ability to make levels as complex and detailed as they are in story mode with a full range of options on themes and colors. Creators will be able to design their own floor plans with free placement of objects, weapons, furnishing, and enemies. For ease of use, objects are organized and sorted by room themes with a quick type search available to speed up the process. Enemy behavior and movement control allowing levels to be as difficult and frustrating as possible

Users will be able to upload their content directly online for sharing and download across the world, giving players more options and challenges within the game. Unfortunately there are little details about how the sharing process will work, and hopefully there is a detailed rating system like in Little Big Planet.

We loved the original Hotline Miami, and it’s a no-brainer decision that will help extend the life of Wrong Number. User-generated content is all the rage right now, so it’s good to see Dennaton jumping on board. Besides, who wouldn’t want more Hotline Miami?

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