E3 2014: The Sims 4 Release Date and Details

As we reported earlier EA and developer Maxis devoted quite a bit of their E3 press conference to showing off The Sims 4, the newest instalment in the immensely popular franchise to be released on September 2, 2014. In a press release after the show, EA highlights many of the new features that players will be able to enjoy as they learn who their Sims truly are through the use of a powerful new creation tool.

The overhauled creation tool promises to make each of your Sims “smarter, more reliable, and emotionally aware beings whose every action is affected by what they are thinking and how they are feeling.” This will give your Sims more control over their direct actions, making them more self-reliant and self-sufficient in everyday tasks.

The housing creation tool is promised to be more intuitive than previous instalments, allowing you customize individual rooms and set pieces to you and your Sim’s personal taste. This is accomplished through what EA is calling the “room-based Build Mode.”

You will be able to share any of your new creations through a new online sharing service created for the Sims. Directly in-game will be an entire marketplace filled with all of the shared user generated content, giving The Sims 4 more objects than ever before.

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