E3 2014: Sony Adds Youtube to PS4 Streaming

Near the end, Sony came to those of us who love to stream our games and gave us the best news we’ve heard all year.

YouTube will officially be available to PlayStation 4 users and with a single touch of the share button on the controller, players will soon be able to quickly upload videogame captures directly to their YouTube channels. The PlayStation 4 already has streaming capabilities through Twitch.tv, but now Sony is happily extending streaming horizons. Playstation 4 users will also have the ability to see the recent YouTube uploads of their friends in their ‘What’s New’ section on the home screen.

But if that isn’t enough for PlayStation 4 users, the console will also be adding to their streaming abilities this year. Too often do we watch the streams of others and want to yell about a missed ammo clip or a piece of information or clue that was left behind that the player missed. Coming soon to PlayStation 4, with the use of the PlayStation 4 Ustream, you will be able to interact with players in their streams. You will be able to help or hinder any live stream PlayStation 4 stream that you’re watching on your PlayStation 4.

Sony is doing well to bring us all new capabilities and making the PlayStation more and more viable for streamers, friends, and players across the world.

Heather Williams

Heather Williams

Chasing anything shiny in MMOs and falling off cliffs, Heather travels from Korriban to Azeroth on a regular basis. She spends her days playing games, plotting the downfall of the Republic, and drinking way too much coffee. 
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