E3 2014: No Man’s Sky

Yesterday on the Sony E3 stage, Hello Games debuted the trailer for their upcoming science fiction exploration game No Man’s Sky, coming to PlayStation 4 and PC sometime next year.

No Man’s Sky features MMO-style gameplay with a twist. Each player starts their game on their own unexplored planet and must find or craft the means of space flight to escape and enter into the multiplayer universe. The entire universe – including each planet – is procedurally generated to such an extent that Hello Games stated that even they don’t know the limits of their universe. Individual worlds will have their own ecosystems, many of which range from benign to completely hostile environments.

Once in space, players will be able to explore new planets, uncharted regions of space, or join into groups to battle for resources and exploration rights against other players. Not many details have been fully released about the scope of the multiplayer aspect, but further details will be released shortly.

Here is a look at the vibrantly colorful worlds from the trailer of No Man’s Sky, straight from the PlayStation 4 stage at E3. Enjoy!

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