E3 2014: The Division Preview


A deadly virus has attacked the city of New York, and society has fallen to pieces. You are part of The Division, a civilian elite, living to rebuild from the rubble.

The surprisingly dark trailer for Tom Clancy’s The Division opens with a rendition of Silent Night, as we descend onto the snowy streets of New York. The song, which starts as calmly and calming as you would expect the hymn to be, slowly descends into a child sobbing, barely choking out the words to this Christmas carol; it makes you almost choke up with it.

A gravelly narrator begins talking. He tells us that people are invisible in this society, and that nobody wants to help anyone. We see footsteps appear in the snow, a line where something fell or was dragged, and then more footsteps arriving at a man’s feet. This man, who we can assume to be the narrator, tells us that someone has to help these people. The camera looks back at the man who created the footprints, now visible. He is helped to his feet. The desolate streets now have a number of people, some are armed; all are scared.

The gruff man helps the man (who was invisible) stand.

The men with guns look agitated. They raise their weapons as a jet of fire comes on-screen; and some soldiers with gas masks walk in. The goons run, but our gruff hero helps the other man, now clearly wounded to a car to escape.

He turns, and stands his ground.

Tom Clancy’s The Division, we are told, is coming in 2015.

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