E3 2014: Sunset Overdrive Details

Today, at the Microsoft Press Conference developer Insomniac Games showed off Sunset Overdrive, their chaotic power fantasy set in the post Awesomepocalypse Sunset City.

When the local mega-corporation Fizzco rushes to market their newest energy drink – Overcharge Delirium XT – it has the unintended side effect of transforming most of the city into a horde of mutants named the OD’d. You’ll use your skills gained while playing videogames, watching action movies, and reading comic books to fight your way through the quarantined city as you try to take down Fizzco’s attempt to cover up the outbreak.

In Sunset Overdrive you create whatever hero you want to be with a fully customizable character creator that allows you to alter your appearance and playstyle. Throughout the game you’ll find special Amps that build up your Style meter and allow you to further customize your weapons with further abilities; for example there is the Twist of Fate amp that adds a nuclear explosion to your attacks.

Insomniac games promises that Sunset Overdrive will feature more “soul and story” than any third person shoot available today. The city is said to be a sprawling vibrant post apocalypse playground for you to explore and discover all the humor and satire as it attempts to break genre conventions.

Sunset Overdrive also features an eight-player online co-op mode called Chaos Squad where up to eight players use a risk reward mechanic to progress through the city. Competing for rewards, you have the option to increase the chaos level of the city and in turn increase the difficulty and the amount of rewards you earn as you play, or you can buff your team but sacrifice rewards in the process. All of the rewards are available on any of the gameplay modes and you can seamlessly switch from single player to chaos mode and any time.

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