E3 2014: Dragon Age Inquisition Trailer


Today on Microsoft’s E3 stage, Bioware released their debut trailer for Dragon Age Inquisition as well as a release date of October 7th, for Xbox 360, Xbox One, as well as PSN and PC. This stunning trailer teases the plot of Inquisition as a world of ruin and chaos.

You play as the Inquisitor, hunted for who you are after developing strange, demonic powers, and stepping into a world of chaos where you must assemble a team of heroes against hordes of evil. Player choice in combat is core to the gameplay of Inquisition as the player can use a tactical or action based approach when controlling their party.

 The trailer features in-game footage of the various classes in combat, sparring off against massive dragons and monsters in a diverse amount of locations. Bioware has said that they are fusing the combat of Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2 to create a new experience for players. Multiple races and classes are back, in keeping with the return to the diversity seen in Origins that helped turn the franchise into an instant RPG classic.

Bioware also divulged more details about the cast of characters that you’ll recruit along your journey – all of whom are fully fleshed out companions with diverse backgrounds and unique abilities. Your inquisition will be composed by Blackwolf, the Gray Warden; Sara, the passionate wildcard; Iron Bull, the Qunari mercenary; and Vivian, the secretive mage with questionable motives.

It would seem that Bioware is trying to recover the lost fans after the stumble they had with Dragon Age 2; by their own words, Dragon Age Inquisition is their first game in a new direction for the franchise. The footage they’ve shown off looks amazing as the world of Dragon Age seems larger and more detailed than ever before.

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