Lifeless Planet now available on steam

Indie developer Stage 2 Studios has finally released the finished version of its sci-fi adventure-platformer Lifeless Planet on Steam, which had previously been available through Steam Early Access since March 2014.

Players control an astronaut whose ship has crash landed on an desolate planet while on a mission to search the skies for life. Left alone, and with the rest of your crew dead, you’ll set off to explore this strange new environment, only to find an abandoned Soviet research outpost. You’ll need to use your space boots, rocket jets, and ingenuity to solve puzzles as they unravel how the Soviets got there in the first place, and where they are now.

Lifeless Planet was primarily conceived and developed by David Board, and had been in development since 2011. Originally designed to be an action-adventure game, the direction evolved over the course of development into a narrative-driven adventure focusing on uncovering the mystery behind the Soviet presence on a desolate world.

It’s quite the accomplishment of one person to have fully developed a game and brought it from Kickstarter to a full launch. In a press release, David had this to say about the three year experience: “I’ve put so much of myself into this game over the last few years. It was rewarding to get such a positive reaction to the Lifeless Planet beta from both the press and gamers. I’m hopeful the full version of the game will receive the same enthusiastic reaction and I’m extremely happy to finally be sharing the rest of the story!”

You can pick the game up now for $19.99. In the meantime, take a look at the launch trailer below.

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