EVE Online – Kronos: Rise of the Pirates Released


Yesterday, CCP Games, developer of the popular space MMO Eve Online, released the first of their new-model expansions, Kronos: Rise of the Pirates. In an attempt to bring new and more ambitions content changes to players, the developer has moved away from two large expansions every year, in favor of 10 smaller expansions every year.

Being the first expansion released under the new model, Kronos brings radical changes to the Eve universe as the four dominant empires in the universe continue their downward decline, and a shift towards player-controlled corporations rises. With the decline of the empires ushering in new opportunities, a new Pirates faction emerges from their ashes.

As security degrades even further, the mysterious Mordu Legion has started its reconnaissance of low-sec space, and its advance scouting ships are rumored to be carrying valuable cargo.

Kronos brings in new customization features for ships and character avatars to allow players to better personalize their gaming experience. The new Pirate faction also opens up new pilotable ships and mission for players to unlock and complete. There’s even a new mining barge, large enough to be equipped with “Covert Ops Cloaking Devices.”

For full details on the expansion update notes check out CCP’s official Kronos: Rise of the Pirates website, and take a look at these screenshots, detailing some of the new ships available.

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