Mario Sells His Karts For A New Ride

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We all know that the Mario brothers have an impressive selection of transportation across the Mushroom Kingdom. They have everything from karts and dinosaurs to giant shoes and warp stars – each hand-picked for both their speed and attacking capabilities, and ready at a moment’s notice . However, with Mario Kart 8 launching tomorrow in North America, it looks like Mario might just have sold his karts outright.

Mario Kart 8 already features the abilities to go underwater and to fly through the air; what it doesn’t feature, surprisingly enough, is a Mercedes-Benz logo. As you can see, Mercedes-Benz has partnered with Nintendo to promote their new GLA-Class vehicles; this promotion doesn’t just end with fancy new website, however –  it even reaches as far as television commercials.

Mario Kart 8 is the gift that keeps giving; the new car will be available as downloadable content – a first for the Mario franchise, and a rarity for Nintendo as a whole. Early screens of this Mercedes-Benz DLC indicate that the pack will not only be free, but is aimed for a Japanese launch this fall; while there has been no word on an American release just yet, it’s not a stretch to think that Mercedes-Benz would be up for some promotion in the States.

You may even see the car featured on the newly-launched Mario Kart TV in the future, if players start deeming it competition-worthy.

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