Nintendo Releases Host of New Hyrule Warriors Screenshots

Hyrule Warriors Screenshot

Since Nintendo gave out additional details about Hyrule Warriors earlier this week, they have now released a large update in the form of over 50 gorgeous screenshots and a bit more information about the game’s heroes and villains.

Both Link and Impa are confirmed to be playable characters, with Link taking on the more quickster role and Impa using her experience as a steadfast sword master with her giant Buster Sword-like Katana.

Additionally, Nintendo has released a bit more information about the villains as well. Shia, the White Witch with a gratuitous breast problem, is a sorceress wh’s good was taken away rom her by the very embodiment of evil. Like any good villain worth her salt, she is egotistical, provocative, aggressive and wants everything in Hyrule to be under her control — especially Link.

Wizro, the mage clad in red, is bound to Shia and is very loyal but also searches for more, including a stronger master. He also uses powerful black magic in battle. Valga, the Poe-looking villain, is Shia’s other subordinate. He traded his heart for more power in a pact with Shia.

Check out all the screenshots below and if you’re looking for more The Legend of Zelda content, be sure to take a look at our Ocarina of Time Defining Moments piece, which takes a comprehensive look at the circumstances that lead Link to find the Sun’s Song and the sociopolitical climate during the era of the Hero of Time


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