New Heroes of the Storm Patch released


Blizzard has just released a patch for their Heroes of the Storm alpha, and it’s so big that they are requiring players to reinstall the game to update.

Why is it so big? Well, Blizzard has made major changes to the entire in-game User Interface to move further away from the Starcraft UI that it was originally modeled after.

In addition, every Hero has been overhauled, as well as receiving tweaks in their mechanics to help with balancing and alleviating some of the more overpowered problems that have risen during the alpha. Blizzard has also introduced a new character from World of Warcraft, Murky – the baby Murloc specialist class hero. There are still 14 previously announced Heroes that have yet to be implemented, including Thrall, Azmodan, and The Butcher.

To help with matchmaking, has rolled out a new looking-for-group system that also balances out random parties to prevent stacking of types of heroes that could make teams overpowered. In addition, the ability to kick inactive players from the game has been implemented, something which has become something of a problem during testing.

There are many more changes that would be too long to list, but interested players can read up on the entire patch log over at Blizzard’s website. We’ll keep you posted on any new patch updates as they are rolled out as beta testing nears.

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