Microsoft Announces Halo 5: Guardians for Xbox One


Microsoft has announced Halo 5: Guardians for Xbox One, to be released in Autumn 2015.

Halo 5: Guardians is being described by Bonnie Ross – general manager of 343 Industries – as a “massive and exciting project … the next installment in the legendary saga of the Master Chief”.

They’re dedicated to “making a Halo game that runs at 60 frames per second, on dedicated servers, with the scope, features and scale we’ve been dreaming of for more than a decade” explained Ross.

She went on to say “It’s a task that we, at 343 Industries, are taking very seriously to ensure we deliver the Halo game that fans deserve … built from the ground up for Xbox One”.

It’s “a bigger effort than Halo 4” in terms of “content and scope of the game, as well as the technology in what’s now a brand new and more powerful engine”

Don’t expect a complete re-imagining of the series, “but [they’ve] invested a huge effort in retooling [their] tech to take full advantage of the Xbox One’s hardware and ecosystem to create worlds and experiences worthy of next-gen”.

343 Industries promises “a game that will incorporate the things we learned  from Halo 4 about technology, aesthetics, performance and scale – and perhaps more importantly, understanding and embracing a community of gamers who love what lies at the heart of this game, and the limitless potential of the Halo universe”.

So Halo 5: Guardians promises to be a fantastic experience, but Ross also hinted at an E3 2014 announcement “that Halo fans will be pretty excited [about]”.

There’s plenty of speculation about what that announcement will be, but our bet is that it will be the official announcement of the long-rumored Halo 2: Anniversary. It’s also possible that we’ll hear more info about the planned TV series, which was announced last year.

For more Halo-related stuff, check out our retrospective review of the very first game. You can find it here.

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