Gilbert Gottfried Does Some Wacky Video Game Voices

Perhaps best known for his dirty comedy and for playing the parrot in Aladdin, Gilbert Gottfried has now lent his voice to some of the most well-known games around in one of the most ridiculous and hilarious video game videos we’ve seen in a while.

From Elizabeth in Bioshock Infinite to the announcer in Halo 3, Gottfried makes the experience as surreal and weird as possible, all courtesy of Game Informer’s YouTube channel.

What else is there to explain? It’s Gilbert Gottfried doing crazy video game voices. And you know you want to watch it.

Daniel Horowitz

Daniel Horowitz

Daniel doesn't just play and write about games, but he also writes his own comics. He can usually be found arguing with Dale about who the best member of the X-Men is (it's Jamie Madrox, obviously)
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