Don’t Starve to get multiplayer mode


Klei Entertainment’s excellent roguelike survival game Don’t Starve is due to get a multiplayer mode later this Summer, to be released as a free update.

Dubbed Don’t Starve Together, the new mode will allow groups of players to work together to survive in both public and private matches. In an extensive post on the game’s official forum, Klei’s JoeW announced that while development had previously been focused on singleplayer, they’re confident that they’re able to ensure that the multiplayer mode remains balanced for teamplay. Additionally, they’re promising that “most” of the game’s singleplayer features make the transition intact, while additional gameplay features may also be added.

According to Joe, “Over the past few months, we’ve quietly smuggled in some new people onto our team who immediately said “Heck yeah, this can be a thing!” and actually threw together a proof of concept. After a couple months and an office-wide session of multiplayer Don’t Starve, we were convinced it was worth exploring and bringing it to our community.”

Don’t Starve Together is currently intended to be played in groups of 2-4 people, though JoeW was keen to point out that this may be increased over time.

“Don’t Starve wouldn’t be what it is today without the feedback and discussions that take place in our forums,” Joe explained. “Moving forward we look forward to having constructive conversations about Don’t Starve Together, just like we did with the original single player game and expansion.”

We originally reviewed Don’t Starveback in February, scoring it an impressive 9/10. Our man David Ochart concluded his review by saying: “Don’t Starve simply isn’t for everybody, but that’s okay; it is a game about setting your own goals and trying to get further and last longer than you ever have before, and while some players have no room in their gaming diet for a game like that, many will find themselves hopelessly addicted.”

We’ll be sure to keep you posted as we learn more.

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