Outlast: Whistleblower Add-On Coming May 6th

Red Barrels has confirmed that the first add-on for Outlast, titled Whistleblower, will be coming to PS4 and PC on May 6th. The add-on will be priced at $8.99.

In Outlast: Whistleblower, you’ll find yourself back at Mount Massive Asylum, as you encounter firsthand the corporate conspiracies and deranged experiments that led to the blood-soaked halls original protagonist Miles Upshur faced. This time, you will experience the tale of Waylon Park, the individual who tips off journalists to the horrific conditions at Mount Massive Asylum.

Additionally, Red Barrels released a trailer, which will surely have you frightened. Check it out down below and be sure to pick up the add-on when it releases on May 6th.

Matthew Bandeira

Matthew Bandeira

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