Monochroma Teaser Trailer Shows Off Our Robot Overlords


Nowhere Studios, an indie developer created in Istanbul, Turkey in 2010, has launched a new cinematic teaser trailer for its highly anticipated puzzle platformer Monochorma.

Funded via Kickstarter, Monochroma is set in an alternate dystopian state during the 1950’s, and follows the story of a boy and his brother who witness a horrific crime committed by an evil corporation, Led entirely by narrative, the game eschews typical cut scenes and dialogue to create an engaging and visceral story spread over four chapters, featuring puzzles that take the older brother player character through multi-storied ghettos, sewer tunnels, factories and a city-sized zeppelin hovering in the sky.

As a narrative-driven intellectual and emotionally engaging experience, the story is inspired by the core development team’s expereince in urban Istanbul, particularly during the Gezi Protests of 2013, which lead to some violent and brutal clashes between protesters and police forces, and was not covered well in the Western media.

Inspired by the developers’ childhood memories of moving from the countryside to urban Istanbul and the “Gezi Protests” of 2013 – the most violently oppressed protest in modern Turkey – the game questions the societies of control, disinformation of media, destruction of nature, child labor exploitation and the liberal economy; all of which have been inspired by movies, classic stories and games.

As a socially conscious game project, Nowhere Studios is committed to give $1 of every sale of Monochroma made to ‘Save the Children,’ and are also donating an additional 15% of their revenue made in Turkey to an organization for homeless children.

Check out the teaser trailer below, and experience the scope of Monochroma’s dystopia like never before.



Daniel Horowitz

Daniel Horowitz

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