Top 5 Most Frustrating Gaming Moments

Videogames are meant as entertainment, but sometimes a certain aspect of a game can be truly frustrating and you find yourself getting angry instead of having fun. Here are some of our most frustrating game experiences.

5. Chainsaw Assholes (Resident Evil 4 — Playstation 2, Gamecube, Wii)

Resident_Evil_4_Featured_01The Resident Evil series has always contained a heavy presence of fear. No moment epitomizes this more than walking through a dark corridor and hearing a chainsaw whirring into action. Your heart stops and you think “Oh shit, where is this asshole?”

Then you turn a corner and have your head lopped off like ice cream falling off a cone.

These guys are genuinely terrifying. They wear burlap sacks to disguise their faces, and they scream at you in Spanish as they attempt to introduce your face to their chainsaws. What’s worse is that they don’t seem to notice being shot. They’ll just keep coming at you through a storm of bullets, driven solely by the desire to cut off your head. Assholes! They’re surprisingly quick, too. Make one wrong move and they’re right on top of you. Before you know it, your head is rolling around at your feet and you’re at the game over screen.

4. Fighting Bug Pokemon (Pokémon — Game Boy)

ButterfreeBug Pokémon are almost always assholes. They have a plethora of moves to paralyze you, poison you, confuse you or put you to sleep. If you don’t have the right healing items, you have to run back to a Pokémon Center before heading back into the tall grass. And what happens next? You get poisoned again.

Out of all status-impairing attacks, sleep powder has to be the most frustrating. Pokémon is a turn-based RPG, and putting your Pokémon to sleep is to deny it a turn. Now you have to wait until it wakes up, just so the bug Pokémon can use Sleep Powder again.

Bug Pokémon aggravate us so much that we would always return to Viridian Forest with a Moltres and spend some time burning through all the wild Pokémon.



3. Losing All Your Souls (Demon’s Souls — PlayStation 3)

Image not actually from the game.There’s nothing quite as infuriating as grinding for hours in Demon’s Souls and having nothing to show for it.

Even if you’re soul farming in an area where you’ve learned all the enemy patterns, every now and then you’ll come across an enemy who will launch at you with previously unseen tenacity and beat you down, taking your life.

Even though it’s done the same exact attack the last thirty times you’ve faced it, THIS time it decides to switch things up, and you were only a couple feet away from your dropped souls. Come on, man! Why do you have to be so cruel?!

The only thing you can do is throw you controller across the room in a torrent of swears and vow to never play the game again (then turn it back on an hour later).


2. The Speeder Bike Level ( Battletoads in Battlemaniacs — Super Nintendo)

Battletoads_01We chose the Super Nintendo version of the game because it’s one we grew up with, but rest assured, this level is still as impossible as its NES predecessor. It demands complete focus and surgical precision with the controls. There’s parts where the obstacles come at you so fast that you literally don’t have time to react. The only way to get through the level is just to die enough times that you have the patterns memorized and can input a command before you see the next obstacle. One minute you’re whizzing through the level, so close to the end that your hairs are standing up and you’re holding your breath. The next, you’re face-planting straight into a solid wall.

Cue rage.

1. The Entire Game (The Jungle Book — Super Nintendo)

Jungle_Book_Snes_01Yes, the Jungle Book. Yes, it’s harder than Battletoads. Seriously, this game is freaking difficult. To this day, we haven’t been able to beat it without the use of an emulator and save states. Now, it’s important to note that we’re not saying this is the most difficult game of all time; we’re simply saying it’s the most frustrating game of all time [Editor’s note – what? No Flappy Bird?].

Ostensibly, it’s a game aimed at children. You explore the jungle with your pals from the movie, throwing an infinite supply of bananas at your foes to progress. It really shouldn’t be that hard. But it is hard! For one, you have barely any health, and it’s far too easy to get hit by enemies. They’re fast and hard to hit. The bee enemies have no recognizable attack patterns, and they explode when you hit them (as bees do), damaging you further.

The first boss you encounter is Kaa the snake, but he should really be named Cheapo the CheapSnake, because all he does is fire homing hypnosis rays (that are impossible to avoid) before retreating to the tree line to smack at you with his tail.

If you can manage to beat him, you have something like eight more levels to get through. Oh, and we should mention that there are no passwords or continues; if you die, you have to start at the beginning and fight the damn snake and do it all over again and…ARGH IT’S SO FRUSTRATING! Why, Disney? Why?

Bonus – Kaizo Mario World (Super Nintendo Rom)

Super_Mario_World_Kaizo_01This game is a bonus because it’s a fan-made ROM and not an official release. However, it is the most trollsome, insanely frustrating game we’ve ever played. If anyone is looking to punish themselves, or just wants to feel like they have no platforming skills, give this game a try. We can honestly say that we’ve never screamed at a game with more frequency and intensity than we did while attempting to “play” this prison sentence of a game. Which part is frustrating, you ask? Every part of every level. Every single frame is an exercise in masochism.

Check out this speed run if you want a true appreciation for how ridiculously challenging this game is, and the skill required to play it.

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