Xbox One Reputation System Released

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Microsoft has unveiled its plans for an Xbox One’s reputation system, detailing how those who commit repeat infractions will be penalized.

A  blog post on Xbox Wire, written by Xbox Live Product Manager Michael Dunn, explains the changes to the Xbox One reputation system going forward. The post, entitled ‘No More Cheats or Jerks‘, explains that while players will only be warned at first about bad behavior including griefing or foul language, but that reputation will quickly drop if the warning is not effective.

Anyone whose rating drops too low will find themselves repeatedly paired with gamers who have a similar negative rankings, and will also find some privileges on their account be revoked, including the ability to use Twitch functionality and broadcast. In other words, players shrieking homophobic epithets will be matched with other players shrieking homophobic epithets, so all in all, it will be a good time for those who choose to conduct their online gaming in that manner.

A colored band on your profile will clearly inform others of your status in the Xbox Live community. A full green gauges indicates a positive reputation, while yellow and orange bands suggesting improvement is needed, and a red band warns others to avoid you due to your apparent monstrous and self-destructive behavior on Xbox Live.

According to Dunn, the system “will continue to evolve and get better as we track the feedback we get from players and titles,” but at least for now, the reputation system is intact and will help to curb the toxic nature of online multiplayer communities.

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