Grave – Survival horror by way of Salvador Dali


Rarely a day goes by without some new survival horror title demanding your attention – or so it seems. Grave, in development by new Indie team Broken Window Studios is just the latest. After doing the rounds at this year’s GDC (Game Developers Conference), Grave has now appeared on Kickstarter, asking for $30,000 funding, with a projected release of Jan 2015.

Dubbed an “open-world, surrealist-inspired, procedural survival horror experience” by the developer, Grave takes place in a world inspired by Salvador Dali, where the landscape changes with each passing day. Featuring a realistic day and night cycle, players must use the light to survive; not only to negotiate their surroundings, but also to defend themselves against the various creatures that stalk the world. Each enemy type reacts to light in different ways, so you’ll need to use a variety of different tools such as flashlights or setting fire to pools of gasoline, in order to survive.

As always, a number of rewards are on offer to backers. Everything from early access to the game, art books, and the opportunity to be added into the world as a ghost are on offer, depending on your pledge amount.

An atmospheric (and pretty creepy) video, as well as a number of screenshots, can be seen below. Think Alan Wake crossed with the Slender Man urban legend, and you wouldn’t be far off.

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