Paypal Spring Gaming Sale Now On


We are all familiar with the seasonal sales that Steam provides us, and most of us are familiar with the Humble Bundle and Indie Royale, who provide some great games at low prices. But did you know that PayPal do gaming sales too?

From the March 20th to May 15th 2014, PayPal will be selling competitively priced prepaid cards and similarly low-priced “games of the week” in cooperation with partners such as, Razer, Spotify, and

These deals will be changed every Thursday, but you can still pick up this first week of deals if you act fast, with the next set of deals arriving on the 27th. This weeks deals includes discounted iTunes cards for German and American iTunes Store users, and games like Worms: Clan Wars at 66% off and Race the Sun at 40% off.

Nic Bunce

Nic Bunce

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