New Harvest Moon Game Best Selling In Series

The newest game in the Harvest Moon series was released in Japan last week with the strongest launch in series history.

According to Siliconera and Media Create, the roughly translated Harvest Moon: Connect To A New Land has sold over 130,00 copies in its first week, nearly doubling the sales of Harvest Moon: A New Beginning, the previous game.

Harvest Moon is a series of farm simulation games from Japanese developer Marvelous AQL that originated in 1996, appearing on several consoles and spawning several spin-off series. Among staples of the series like tending to crops and wooing potential spouses, Connect To A New Land has a new online mode that lets players visit each others’ farms from anywhere in the world and a StreetPass feature that turns players that you pass into characters in the game.

With sales figures this high, it is highly unlikely for Harvest Moon: Connect To A New Land to stay local. There is no word yet on the game’s release outside of Japan, but every game in the series to date has been released in the west.

David Ochart

David Ochart

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