Edge of Space update goes live

Handyman studios has announced a new content patch for Edge of Space that adds a ton of new content and features.

The list of changes is extensive. First up is the new multiplayer co-op mode: players can now connect directly over Steam and join each others’ games, working together to construct and manage bases, create new weaponry and share resources. If they’re feeling brave, they can also take on the game’s first Mega-boss, Omegatron – basically a giant evil robot thing with more than a passing resemblance to the Terminator and the final boss from Mass Effect 2.

Other features have also been implemented – a training ground is now available, new structures have been added, new creatures, and the first lot of cross-over content with smash-hit Terraria can now be experienced.

Edge of Space is, of course, a 2D randomly-generated sandbox not unlike Terraria. The game is still heavily into its development cycle, but has proved to be wildly successful so far, picking up plenty of fans. Early Access will currently set you back $12.99, but to celebrate the new patch, Handyman  – along with publisher Reverb – has announced that for “a limited time”, they are running a buy one, get one free promotion. So if you and a friend like the look of it, now’s the time to splash out.

In addition to all of this, the developer has released a new trailer showing off what you can expect in the update, which you can view below.

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