5 Villains We’d Like To See in Batman: Arkham Knights

Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman is back, and this time not in a lackluster prequel. Batman is now starring in a proper conclusion to the Arkham franchise, Arkham Knights, which takes place one year after the events of Batman: Arkham City and should wrap up this iteration of Batman’s story nicely.

With Rocksteady Studios taking back the reins on the fourth and final installment of the Batman Arkham franchise, we take a look at five villains who we think would make great, if not unlikely additions to Arkham Knights.

bag o bones

1: Bag O’ Bones 

Ned Creegan was a career criminal, who after being exposed to some radiation received some vaguely described and scientifically dubious radiation-based powers in Detective Comics all the way back in 1967. He was later foiled by Batman and Robin, and hasn’t been seen since Post-Crisis, let alone the New 52, but his powers of invisibility and shooting electrical blasts that costs months of his life with each use could be best described as “kind of neat.”

In fact, Ol’ Baggo was such a forgettable villain that a Google image search for the guy mostly seemed to turn up horrific Photoshops of anorexic Playboy models. Which is fine, considering that they’d make much more formidable villains anyway.

Will it happen?: Unlikely. Bag O’ Bones has been retired from Batman’s rogues gallery for some time, and even a cameo appearance would only serve to bring up the Batman 60’s camp, which the Batman Arkham franchise is clearly not about. Just pretend that the thugs that you beat up in detective mode are Bag O’ Bones clones, because that’s about as close as you’re going to get.



2: The Calculator 

calculator batmanIf ever a scientific calculator were to be given human form as a Batman villain, that man would be known as Noah Kuttler, or, as he is better known, The Calculator.

This villain is so silly that his best use in a Batman Arkham game would be if Batman pushed his chest buttons in the right order and then hung him upside down from a gargoyle, spelling out ‘80081E3’, better known as BOOBIES. So far, the worst part of the franchise has been that this has yet to occur.

Will it happen?: Possibly. The Calculator recently got a decently huge revamp in Detective Comics, and serves as the villain counterpart to Oracle in DC Universe Online. In other words, crazier things have happened.






Killer Moth3: Killer Moth 

 The Ying to Batman’s Yang, that is if Batman had any sort of balance in his life, Killer Moth aids criminals in a similar way that Batman’s aids the police, except that he’s not nearly as successful. Anyone with a moth themed attire is not nearly as intimidating

If Batman rules the night, then what does Killer Moth rule? That sticky cocoon hanging one that one tree in Gotham Memorial Park, perhaps.

Will it happen ?: Probably not, although Killer Moth has become a lot more competent and a lot less campy in recent years. He was actually seen hanging from a giant cocoon in the Botanical Gardens in Batman: Arkham Asylum, so it’s not as though no precedent exists.


4: Penny Plunderers

penny plunderers

You can probably figure out what these guys want to do with not currency in general, but specifically pennies, but believing that their sole objective is to swipe pennies like Swiper from Dora the Explorer may require a bit of a stretch of the imagination.

If a group of thugs cornered me in a dark alley, pulled their laser guns on me, and demnaded all my pennies, and nothing else, I’d probably be relieved, although screwed, as I don’t generally carry pennies on me. I may be killed as a result, but I’d at least recognize this brilliant piece of performance art that easily surpasses the likes of James Franco or Shia LaBeouf before my untimely demise.

Will it Happen?: Nearly every form of Batman media has paid (in pennies) a homage to the Penny Plunderers with the inclusion of that giant penny you may have noticed so oddly placed in the Bat Cave. If we’re just expecting the giant penny itself and not the Penny Plunderers to go along with it, then it could definitely happen.



Hush 5: Hush 

One of Batman’s more underrated villains, Hush has already had what mostly amounted to glorified cameos in Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, so an expended role in Arkham Knights would be a logical step in the right direction for the character.

There’s nothing we’d rather see than Hush bringing Batman down to the surgeon’s table with scalpel in hand, and if how his fate left off in Arkham City is still relevant, then this seems more than likely.

Will it Happen?: If Internet rumors are any indication, than it’s pretty likely that Hush will take chief villian billing status, alongside the former ranks of The Joker and Hugo Strange. Only time will tell, when Arkham Knights releases, but we’re going to have to go with likely on this one.



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