Mr. Meeseeks Roped Into Skyrim

Perhaps the most clever and wholly ridiculous invention so far in the six brilliant episodes of Rick and Morty, Mr. Meeseeks is a singular invention with a singular purpose: fulfill a simple task and disappear forever

One thing Mr. Meeseeks couldn’t do was help Morty’s father Jerry take 2 swings off his golf swing, proving a catastrophe for Mr. Meeseeks everywhere. A highly dedicated modder/Rick and Morty fan decided that the world of Skyrim could do with some Mr. Meeseeks love, and transported the now-iconic character into the world of Skyrim. Logically, this would be about consistent with the science shown on Rick and Morty, so it’s certainty not above reproach.

Check out the videos both above and below for some crazy Mr. Meeseeks time, and be sure to head over to Adult Swim to watch the full episodes of the show.

Daniel Horowitz

Daniel Horowitz

Daniel doesn't just play and write about games, but he also writes his own comics. He can usually be found arguing with Dale about who the best member of the X-Men is (it's Jamie Madrox, obviously)
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