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So, you’ve been reading our little place for a couple of months now and you’ve possibly asked yourself: “is this a site I should care about?” My short, admittedly biased answer is “Yes. Yes you should.”


Continue Play has been in soft-launch status for a while now. You can all see us, but what you can see is not our final format. We’re changing that. Between now and the end of February 2014, you will see a lot of changes to Continue Play. You’ll start to see more content written by a diverse team of talented writers, you’ll see changes to our appearance, and you will see more site pages and more options to get in touch with us. You may also see us more and more on social networking sites.

This feels like a good opportunity to let you know what you can expect from us.Continue Play will never f*ck over its readers. We will talk about the subjects that other gaming sites are scared to talk about. Is a game full of bugs? We will mention that in our review and it will impact the score. Is there a subject on the tip of everyone’s tongue on forums, but which the mainstream sites aren’t covering? We’ll cover it.

We will not spend our time choosing content to make Publishers and Developers happy; unlike other sites that determine their content or reviews based on trying to keep the industry on-side, we will tell it like it is, we will never let the wider industry dictate our editorial policy, and we will always be honest.

In addition, we are feature-led. Any man and his dog can re-write a press release and call it news, and plenty of sites think that’s enough to call themselves journalists. Quite frankly, f*ck that.

We are not about to spend our time loitering on gamespress looking for the latest press releases to rehash into articles; we will be reviewing the latest games on all formats, discussing the biggest issues, interviewing the hottest developers or putting forward our opinions. Of course, we’ll have some news – but we’re not about to carpet-bomb you with crap about Kickstarter, release dates, or teaser trailers teasing a teaser of a teaser.

Continue Play is a site that will always pride itself on talking about what other sites are not talking about, or refuse to talk about. That will never change.Past, present and future: the game is never over. With a little luck, neither will Continue Play.

Welcome to the beginning of something new. We hope you stick with us.

Dale Morgan

Dale Morgan

Founder, Editor in Chief
When Dale isn't crying over his keyboard about his never-ending workload, he's playing games - lots of them. Dale has a particular love for RPGs, Roguelikes and Metroidvanias.
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