Microsoft hires controversial blogger KSI for Xbox promotion


It’s come to light via a highly trusted source (who wishes to remain anonymous) that Microsoft has hired notorious Youtube gaming blogger KSI to help them promote the Xbox One, which launches globally tomorrow.

If you’re not familiar with his work, KSI shot to notoriety in 2012 after spending his time at the Eurogamer Expo sexually harassing women at the event – everything from asking them inappropriate questions to sticking his face in their breasts and jiggling it around.

As a result Eurogamer blacklisted him from attending their annual Expo in the future.

Sexism or, indeed, any kind of discrimination, is hardly a foreign topic in the gaming industry. press or community. But this incident in particular could be seen to show a disturbingly dismissive attitude from platform-holders about how they choose to promote their products.

Here is the man in action:

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