Paper Titans announced for iOS


Blitz Games and Team Lumo are back with more origami-action in the ‘papercraft-inspired fold-‘em-up’, Paper Titans.

Paper Titans is the team’s first outing since Kumo Lumo floated its way onto iOS devices and into our hearts (sorry for that line). At its core, Paper Titans is a puzzle adventure game that sees the player take control of a Titan: eccentric little paper beings with one of a kind abilities.

Want more friends to play with? Maybe one with a different power, perhaps? Lumo’s got you covered like a lingering cloud (also sorry for that line). The game is said to allow the crafting of friends by simply folding paper, resulting in new characters and in-game abilities.

Paper Titans is being dubbed a ‘spiritual successor’ to Kumo Lumo and is stroked with Team Lumo’s trademark 2.5D paper art style.

Paper Titans is set to launch at the end of April, 2013 for iOS. For more from Lumo and the Titans, head on over to their Facebook, Twitter, or their blog.

Wesley Copeland

Wesley Copeland

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