Roxio Replace Stolen Capture Card

Picture this: You’re on a train, and some bellend nicks stuff from your bag. You’d be pissed, right? Now imagine if said bag contained the latest Roxio capture card. You’d be doubley pissed.

Luckily for Facebook user Lewy, the Batmans at Roxio were ready to right this wrong, completely free of charge. Well, providing Lewy’s picture of a zombie Mario could got 1000 Facebook ‘likes’.

“One of our users sent a hilarious message asking for a free Roxio Game Capture HD PRO to replace his lost one, in exchange for a picture of ‘Zombie Mario’ he drew,” the Facebook post reads. “We took his message, posted it to our wall, and said if it got 1000 likes, we’d send him a free unit. The post received over 1500 likes and shares in under 24 hours. We connected with our UK contacts at Machinima (the world’s number one gaming network) who shared the post with their 1.1million followers gaining 1700 likes and shares in under eight hours. That’s a combined 3200 likes in under 24 hours!”

A company that gives stuff away for free to help wronged customers? Well I never…

Wesley Copeland

Wesley Copeland

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