Alice 3 Might Be A Thing

Spicy Horse frontman, American McGee, has taken to Facebook to gauge interest in a sequel to the Alice series.

2011’s Alice: Madness Returns sits atop a Metacritic rating of 75/100, although despite having a decent score, it didn’t perform all that well in the sales department.

Currently, the rights to further entries into the Alice series lies with EA. Meaning a new game would require the convincing of EA or the purchasing of said rights.

McGee asks three questions via Facebook.

1) If we could get the rights from EA, would you play “Alice 3?”

2) If you’d play “Alice 3,” would you back it on Kickstarter?

3) If you said “yes” to those two things, make some noise – I’m trying to gauge interest in case I happen to discuss this with EA during GDC in 2 weeks. The more interest there is, the more seriously they’ll take the conversation.

We answered ‘yes’ to the first two, and are now completing question number three.

Okay, I’m trying my best to report this news impartially, I lasted about 165 words … I freakin’ LOVED Alice: Madness Returns. It’s easy to knock it for being overly linear, but I found it to be a throwback of sorts to a time when gameplay mattered. Madness Returns is like the games many of us grew up playing. Here’s a character, here’s some over-the-top weapons, and here are some blinding visuals. Now go enjoy it.

Alice explores the idea of what would happen to Wonderland if Alice went mad? That in itself was a genius hook for a game. It’s a Grimm, modern take on a popular children’s classic. What’s not to love?

Not everything has to be Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, or GTA. Sometimes, we gamers like choice, and unbelievably, some of us like linear games. I know, crazy, right? Linear is such a dirty word nowadays, yet ‘linear’ has sold thousands upon thousands of games over the years. Linear is great when it’s executed properly. Just ask anyone who’s played Tomb Raider.

If there is to be a final chapter in the Alice series, we say: bring it on.

Wesley Copeland

Wesley Copeland

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