Everything You Didn’t Need to Know About The Skyrim: Dragonborn DLC


Today Bethesda announced Skyrim’s latest piece of downloadable content, Dragonborn, along with a due date of December 4 on Xbox 360, priced at 1600 Microsoft Points.

From the trailer, we’re left with three thoughts. The first: It’ll probably be released for PC within the next few months once the Xbox exclusivity is up, so chill guys. The second: Hopefully the PS3 crowd will see this content before the Xbox 1440 launches in 2025. And thirdly: The Dragonborn mentioned isn’t you.

It’s a different Dragonborn!

As with all Skyrim announcements, we re-watch the trailers endlessly in hopes of finding something, anything, to give us a better insight into what to expect.

So without further ado, here’s what we’ve found:

We’ve had an email from Bethesda where they refer to the new DLC as Dragonborn. There were reports a few weeks ago that hackers found files in the latest patch referencing Dragonborn. And lastly, the title says Dragonborn, so we think it’s a safe bet that’s its name.

The main antagonist was a Dragonborn long ago. The trailer claims he was a Dragonborn before the player was. And that he was a Dragon Priest. We believe his name to be ‘Draggy McBornington’, although this is still to be confirmed.

We also learn that Draggy McBornington is a devourer of dragons. Which is somehow different to the mass-murder of the winged beasts the player takes part in.

It’s set in Solsthiem, a place last seen in the Morrowind expansion, Bloodmoon. How will you get to the far off island of Solsthiem? We think a boat. Or jumping. Probably a boat, though.

Our next theory is that the player will be able to become a type of Dragon Priest. Or at least that’s what this armor makes us think.

Every RPG needs a kindly old man. The problem with Skyrim however, is that they’re all Greybeards, or go off and get themselves killed. Admittedly, all the old man-killing is at the players hands, but it’s a nice touch that Bethesda are representing the elderly in such a positive/non-murderous light.

My biggest gripe with Skyrim is that you’re the Dragonborn. What if I don’t want to be the Dragonborn? What if I want to be the mud-crab-born, or bear-born? Thankfully now you can make that a reality with this handy armoured-bear outfit. No news on whether there will be bear shouts (growls?), yet.

Our last piece of detective work leads us to believe there’s going to be new shouts to aid the player when travelling. We believe this new shout will cause the player to grow a dragon out of their feet, in turn allowing them to travel around the vast wilderness in dragon form. Handy, right?

Anyway, those are our thoughts. Are we correct? We’ll find out on 4th December.

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