Path Of Exile: Beta Weekend starts today

Grinding Gear Games’ upcoming hack ‘n’ slash ARPG, Path Of Exile is due to begin later today,  at 5pm PDT, and will run until 11:59pm PDT Sunday 29th July.

Significant updates have been made since the last beta weekend. These include:

  • Act Two end boss fight
  • End-game map system
  • Weapon swap functionality
  • A complete redesign of the passive skill tree
The end game map system promises to be something that we haven’t seen before. Essentially, players can use specials maps to open portals to otherwise inaccessible areas. These maps can have their properties modified through the use of in-game items and will result in different challenges, conditions, and varying rewards for the completion of the dungeons.
Below is a demonstration of some of the maps available featuring Chris Wilson, the producer of Path Of Exile.
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